Miss Steps

Thanks for putting on a first class ultra!  The aid stations were great, they had an excellent variety.  The extra aid stations you put in place probably saved my race.  I wish I had gotten the name of the woman at the aid station at the finish line who sponged my head and got me something to eat, she will never know how much she helped me.

I have a couple of funny stories:

On my way into the Hwy 12 aid station (mile 76), I sent Bruce Juppe’, my pacer in ahead just before reaching the board walk.  While I was crossing it, I looked up towards the big hill for his light, missed the board walk with my right foot and found myself on my back, lying in the swamp, looking at the stars.  At this point, I then contemplated just staying put still someone found me and was actually laughing about my predicament.

Just after the Rice Lake turnaround, I was climbing the hill to cross Kettle Moraine Drive.  Coming towards me was a runner with a pacer in front and a pacer in back.  The runner and front pacer were kind enough to step off the uneven trail, the pacer behind was coming directly at me.  At this point, I had no choice but to move over onto the loose gravel where I fell and then fell again trying to get up.  The lady that caused this then yelled to my pacer behind me that he better check me out because I was falling down alot!  At the finish, I once again ran in to this woman who said she was surprised that I finished seeing how I could barely stand up the night before.

Thanks Again for all your hard work.