Are there accommodations available? We have some links on the website to direct you to local communities and hotels.We do not have any sort of arrangement with a local school for dorms or gymnasium space. The two most common hotels are the
Super8 and Baymont Inn and Suites in Whitewater. There are many hotels nearby also and one online link is:

Is there a pre-race get together, such as a pasta dinner, etc?
Historically there has not been a pre-race dinner and we are not planning one for this year either. There is packet pickup, which is a good place to meet runners.

Where can we eat our pre-race dinner? There are many restaurants and supper clubs in the area. If you are staying in Whitewater we suggest Randy’s which is on the East side of town next to the Best Value Inn motel. When you come to packet pickup there will be many locals that could make a recommendation also. Other area towns that have restaurants are East Troy, Elkhorn, Delevan, Palmyra and Eagle.

Is there a packet pick up? You should pick your packet up Friday night between 4-7 pm at the Nordic Start/Finish. Pickup is located 2 miles North of the intersection of US Hwy 12 East and County Road H about 8 miles southeast of Whitewater. If you can’t pick up your packet on Friday you may pick it up on Saturday morning at the start finish aid station on the deck behind the main shelter. Please realize the morning is very busy and we appreciate your patience. The 38 mile fun run and 50km have other pickup requirements listed above.

Do you have a suggested strategy for running the KM100 course? The rule of thumb I have always used is to walk the majority of the up hills. At a 30-hour pace it is possible to finish the race, if you are a decent walker, with only running 30-40 miles.

Do you have any suggested training programs I can use to prepare for the KM 100? Put in 35-60 miles a week. Cross train on long bike rides if possible. Get one long run in a week with time being the key factor (4-5 hours). Train on hills and mix in walking whenever possible. Practice running and walking at night with a flashlight. Try running back-to-back 20-mile days. Hydrate and learn to eat while you run. Though not necessary it can be a great motivator to do a 50-mile before the KM100. (The Ice Age Trail 50 is a good choice, but it is somewhat close to our race). The Chippewa 50K is another option too and it is also on similar trails to the Kettle. I personally also don’t run more than a 10k the week prior to the run and like to do a leisurely bike instead.

It is not necessary to have done multiple ultra marathons before attempting your first hundred, but it does allow you to experiment with longer distances.

How many Aid stations and where are they? You can download: Aid Station GPS Coordinates. and here is the list:

Station Summary GPS Coordinates
42.82003, -88.6015
Full – No Crew
No Crew
42.8312, -88.5765
42.8356, -88.60385
Basic – No Crew
No Crew
42.86834, -88.574
Emma Carlin,
42.87078, -88.5442
Antique Lane
Basic – No Crew
No Crew,
42.8783, -88.503
Wilton Road
Basic – No Crew
No Crew,
42.9008, -88.4981
Hwy 67,
42.919, -88.473
Hwy ZZ,
42.9417, -88.4597
42.9405, -88.4619
Duffin Road,
Basic – No Crew
No Crew,
42.8177, -88.62125
Hwy 12,
42.8045, -88.6525
Rice Lake,
42.7780, -88.6937

I will be driving in on Friday, any suggestions? Try to get in as early as possible to get a decent night sleep. Remember packet pickup is between 4-7 pm on Friday. Our 6 am start on Saturday is a little later than some so that should help. Get a good night sleep on Thursday. Getting good sleep on Thursday night is typically more important than Friday though.

When will race packets be sent out? There will be no race information packets sent out. There will be a link on the homepage to the Race Information PDF file that will answer most of your questions and also provide you with many useful tips and pictures. This document is the Kettle100 Race Bulletin 2017 (.pdf)

Will I need to check in on Saturday? No. There is only a quick briefing at 5:40am to discuss last minute topics.

What kind of shoes should I wear? This is personal preference. People wear the very lightest shoes to the heavier trail shoes available. The other big deal is what kind of socks to wear. Personally I wear heavy Thorlo hiking socks with no vaseline and Nike Pegasus road shoes. Some body glide on the toes seems to work for me. I recommend applying body glide on all areas which have a potential for chafing.

Do you know where I could board my pet? We are not aware of any kennels, but know there must be some in the area. Please search via the internet for places to board your pet. Do not leave your pet in your car while running any of the races.

Is the KM100 a good 1st 100 miler?
I may be biased, but I do think the Kettle is a good 1st 100 miler. I like the variation with the hills. My 1st 100 was Leadville so I am a little different than many when looking for their 1st 100 miler. You will need to focus to get back on the trail after 100km since it has been easy for people to stop as it is so convenient. I suspect there are flatter 100 milers but our combination of volunteers and course I think make ours a very good first 100 miler.

What kind of light should I use? We can’t easily recommend any single light source as there are many options out there and personal preference means a lot. I prefer head lamps with at least 5 LEDs. Some people like hand helds. The LED’s will produce some ghosting if it is foggy or raining. It is best to have at least one backup which you carry with you. In addition to a backup flashlight it is an excellent idea to carry backup bulbs (when possible) and extra batteries. I would recommend deciding on a head or hand light and then practicing for a couple hours in the woods with a combination of walking and running. If you go to http://www.zombierunner.com you will find many ideas for lights.